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Guidelines for Listing Your Art on
Chaz Art Gallery:

Chaz Art Gallery will list up to 9 works of art.

If you want to list your items on Chaz Art Gallery, each item should be sent in the following format:

Item #1

Picture Title/Number: _____________________
Price: _____________________
Shipping: ____________________
Tax Rate: ______________________
Description: _________________________________________

Repeat with Items #2-9

In order to make the most of this opportunity, we recommend you follow the following notes when describing your items:

* PRICE - Be sure to state your selling price plus the amount it will cost for shipping. Price this carefully because there will be an additional charge if the pricing changes and all of the shopping cart buttons need to be remade to reflect the correct price (this is only if you elect to get the shopping cart to sell online).

* PHOTOS - Be sure to send good, clear photos that are not too small. For best results, do NOT edit them at all before sending them. I will need only one photo per shopping cart item.

* DESCRIPTIONS - Your descriptions should be clear and explain what each item is EXACTLY. Be sure to include dimensions, sizes, colors, and anything that will help you sell your product to someone who is not able to pick it up and look closely at it ... even if it the description is obvious to you.

* OPTIONAL SHOPPING CART (for your free web page) - A shopping cart is NOT required for you to list your items on Chaz Art Gallery, but it does give you the ability to make direct sales online. If you want to add a shopping cart, you will need a 'Standard' (free) PayPal Account so we can set up your shopping cart. There is a $40.00 one-time setup fee for us to add a shopping cart to your items on Chaz Art Gallery.

Once you have all of the information ready to send, you can send it to: for posting. Please note that there is currently a backlog waiting to be entered but your items will be added at the earliest convenience and you will be notified by email, once added. :-) We thank you for your patience!


We, also, realize that you may need a bigger resource venue (since we only post up to 9 works of art) but maybe you can't afford to get a professional website ... if that's the case, we are now happy to tell you about this:

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As of March 20, 2011, we are now offering FULL websites at a cost of just $99.99 per year. We realize that not everyone is able to afford a professional website while they are just starting out ... so, we are offering the next best thing.

This complete website offer includes YOUR OWN domain name (example: and hosting for one full year. You even have the ability to add your own shopping cart to make online sales.

This offer includes an easy-to-set-up website that you will be in FULL control of. You can list an unlimited number of art on your own website.

Plus, Chaz Art Gallery will list up to 9 works of art with a link to your new website so you will get natural traffic to your other craft items on your own website.

If you are interested in a FULL WEBSITE, please contact Chaz Art Gallery to get started today!




Cheap Craft Websites from Hunter Creative Group Website Design in Iowa
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