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Artist’s Statement: Valerie Leri
Intuitive Art Inspired by Spirituality & Nature

A strong element, throughout my work, is light – both physical and spiritual – through a combination of realism and abstraction. My mission is to capture a sense of spontaneity, tranquility, and/or energy through the interaction of colors. I work more by feeling than technique, letting the painting “create itself” with myself as a “conduit” to the visual message.  I do not ponder the subject matter, thus the end result is more about flow than form.  My work is inspired by the need to create exhilaration, inner joy and peace, ultimately an invitation “to dream." Many of my paintings are inspired by the landscapes, skyscapes and seascapes of Cape Cod. I also won an award from the Maritime Arts Society for my painting titled "Ocean Colors".


"Dennis Fence"
Price: $495.00
"Gathering Storm"
Price: $595.00
"Poplar Trees"
Price: $495.00
16" x 20"
19" x 24"
16" x 20"

"Ocean Colors"
Price: $550.00
Price: $450.00
"Provincetown Beach"
Price: $650.00
16" x 20" This is my award-winning painting.
14" x 18"
18" x 24"
Price: $400.00
"Bright City"
Price: $450.00
Price: $450.00
14" x 18"
14" x 18"
14" x 18"
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