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Just a little about me ... I have been a professional singer for most of my life - quite famous in Scandinavia with many records and some here in the USA. I have been in Denver since 1954. I just play when I paint but had a song in mind. There are so many talented painters and I am not one - I just have fun. Give me some paint and I will play. I sign my paintings as CB. I am planning to do another concert this fall again with my art that I do behind me with my songs if no one likes it this time. My last concerts were in '86 at Lowenstein and in November '85, I had a concert at Boettcher, which I directed.

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Painting of Erupting by Celia Bjork

Painting of Berries by Celia Bjork
Painting of Wild Blooming Flowers by Celia Bjork
Price: $65.00
Price: $30.00
"Wild Blooming"
Price: $25.00
This is a reverse painting on glass framed in wood 20 1/2 w and 24 1/2 long called erupting by CB. I only use my initials. This one did not come out clear and maybe my phone can't do it good.
This is painted on canvas not framed called berries. 14x18 long.
This is oil on canvas unframed 16x20 called wild blooming.

Painting of Release by Celia Bjork

Inspired Painting by Celia Bjork
Lost in Garden Painting by Celia Bjork
Price: $12.00
Price: $75.00
"Lost in Garden"
Price: $95.00
This framed 6x6 painted on glass is called release.
This is painted on glass in a vintage goldleaf/wood frame 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 called inspired.
This is in a gold frame 7x9 1/4 it is called lost in garden painted on glass.


Painting of Flowers in Vase by Celia Bjork


Painting of Girls Hiding by Celia Bjork
Wrought Iron Garden Stake by Celia Bjork
Price: $8.00
"Girls Hiding"
Price: $18.00
Art Title #9
Price: $30.00
This painted on cardboard framed in glass in a vintage brass frame 8x10.
This is painted on glass 23x29 and it is called girls hiding framed.
This is a garden wrought iron stake hand painted on metal.
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