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Drawings Category
Drawings - Sketches
Eggs - Hand-carved and etched Ostrich eggs
Gourd Art - Characters
The single sunflower is what is left from a cutout piece and has a heavy duty chain welded for hanging. Its a 3D piece consisting of 2 pcs of sheet metal, 16g, 40/40 metal,, approx 40lbs-$200.
Metal Art - Finished Metal Art
Mosaics - Glass
Outside Art - Large Yard Statues
Animal Painting Category
Paintings - Animals
Children's Room Art Paintings Category
Paintings - Children's Room Art
Floral and Vegetative Plants Category
Paintings - Floral & Flower Art
Human Nature Category
Paintings - Human Nature
Landscape Paintings Category
Paintings - Landscapes
Seascape Paintings Category
Paintings - Seascapes
Symbolic Paintings
Paintings - Symbolic
Sculptures and Plaques Category
Sculptures - Busts, Wall Plaques, Figurines
Impressionistic Paintings Category
Watercolors - Impressionism





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